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Melbourne, Australia – 10 December 2015
Close to 100 guests from all walks of life had a chance to sit down and learn about a topic that we rarely hear about: challenges facing the children of Bangladesh today.

The Ethan Reynolds Foundation (TERF) has announced the launch of the charitable foundation in Melbourne. TERF is a Melbourne based charity whose mission is to facilitate the delivery of essential health, education and economic empowerment services to impoverished women and children in Bangladesh.

TERF delivers a series of programs that will create long term positive impacts on the lives of Bangladeshi women and children include:

• Increasing child attendance levels at local primary and secondary schools;
• Facilitating the treatment of preventable disease and providing access to essential medical services;
• Improving the quality and availability of services and amenities for children living in destitute, dilapidated orphanages;
• Empowering ultra-poor Bangladeshi women by providing entrepreneurship and employment opportunities that will help them achieve financial independence and live with dignity.

According to Julia Reynolds, the Chair of TERF, “ in Bangladesh many girls get married between the ages of sixteen and nineteen, more than one million primary school-age girls unenrolled themselves from primary education due to poverty, social pressure, and other issues”

“Empowering women in developing countries like Bangladesh is essential in the worldwide fight to reduce global poverty, because women represent most of the world’s poor population”
“Education helps to women to gain the right knowledge and skills and to apply them in their employment, and therefore, enable them to support their children families, hence break the cycle of poverty”, Said Reynolds.
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