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Profile of Petra den Hartog: Counsellor and Writer

Petra has a Dutch background, arriving In Australia when 2 years of age. She studied at Monash, Melbourne and Latrobe Universities and also at the Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement. She taught in secondary schools in Melbourne for 16 years and was student welfare co-ordinator for 5 of those years. In mid life she changed focus to study social work and grief counselling. She worked at the State Coroner’s Office and has been at SIDS and Kids for over 15 years as a grief counsellor and educator. Petra is a strong advocate for teaching health professionals to know how to support bereaved parents.

In 2014 SIDS and Kids published a book Petra wrote with the help of bereaved parents called “When Relationship Hurt, Too: the Impact of Grief on Parents’ Relationships after the Death of their Child.”
Petra is married with one daughter, two granddaughters as well as three step grand children- a joy! She enjoys swimming, yoga, gardening, nature, music and bike riding as well as novels and films.