Orphan Support

In many Bangladeshi orphanages children sleep in structurally unsound dormitories with limited bedding. They wear torn and filthy clothes, eat unhygienic food and use unsanitary toilet and bathing facilities. The quality of education is poor and there is limited access to educational materials and after school coaching support.

TERF works with orphanages that are un-equipped to provide adequate facilities and services to resident children due to lack of funding. TERF improves the lives of these children by providing a range of services, including:

o   Structural repairs to ensure safe accommodation for the children
o   Installation of deep tube wells for access to safe drinking water
o   Construction and renovation of latrines and bathing facilities
o   Provision of essential supplies including food, medicines, educational materials and clothing
o   Facilitation of regular health checks and direct access to first aid and emergency medical services

TERF also assists the Orphanage management team with:

o   Guidance and support to encourage staff retention
o   Assistance with quality staff recruitment, training and HR management strategies
o   Development and implementation of Quality Control frameworks to ensure basic standards of care are met (e.g. nutrition, clean drinking water, sanitation, hygiene, psychological health, etc.)
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