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Terri Bunch is the Executive Director of the Miss Teen Inland Cities U.S. pageants which are the preliminary pageants to the California state pageants and ultimately, Miss Teen United States. The winners will become Ambassadors of The Ethan Reynolds Foundation, assisting young women in Bangladesh to empower themselves through education.

According to Terri, “I will be competing for the title of Mrs USA Earth in June 2015. I would love to be part of TERF and use it as my ‘platform charity’ and it is quite fitting since it is the ‘Earth’ pageant system and this is a global cause.”

“I am also going to be directing two pageants in my county–one for teens and one for ladies 20-29 and would like to ‘adopt’ it as the charity we represent it is a great idea for American women to take part in empowering other nations’ women. I would love to involve my contestants in a fundraiser that would bring awareness and raise money in early 2015,” said Mrs. Bunch.