The Ethan Reynolds Foundation (TERF) was established in early 2014 as an Australia based non-profit organisation. TERF works with local NGOs, orphanages, hospitals and community groups in Bangladesh to provide under-privileged women and children access to quality education, medical services and livelihood opportunities.

Our Mission
We facilitate the delivery of essential health, education and economic empowerment services to impoverished women and children in Bangladesh.

Our Vision
We envision a Bangladesh where all under-privileged women and children are provided with quality healthcare, education and sustainable livelihood opportunities.

Our Approach
To implement sustainable programs across Bangladesh that deliver long term positive impacts on the lives of Bangladeshi women and children. These programs include but are not limited to:
• Increasing child attendance levels at local primary and secondary schools
• Facilitating the treatment of preventable disease and providing access to essential medical services
• Improving the quality and availability of services and amenities for children living in destitute, dilapidated orphanages
• Empowering ultra-poor Bangladeshi women by providing entrepreneurship and employment opportunities that will help them achieve financial independence and live with dignity